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How It Works

  1. Find a player with a high 'max limit' in your binder or on the Auction House. (The Higher the 'Overall' the higher his 'Max Value')
  2. Go to the Buy Coins Page where you can select the amount you wish to purchase.
  3. Select the amount. Then enter your players name, overall.
  4. Post your player(s) for 1day (24 hours), starting bid: 4500. Buy now: (Price you are purchasing) + (EA Tax (10%)) + (Median Price of Card) = Price you post for.
  5. Enter the information in the blanks to help us find your card(s) to complete your purchase.
  6. Your order will be filled within 24 hours or we will issue a full refund No questions asked.
  7. If you ever have questions message our support team and we will help and give you updates on your order.

How To Video

We make the process of buying Madden Ultimate Team coins quick and painless. Watch video and/or read our step-by-step guide to learn how to get your MUT coins today! If you have any additional questions about the process reach out to us via email at support@coinbankut.com.