How to Calculate EA Taxes

This is a chart to help calculate the 10% tax that EA takes out from the auction house on all purchases. When you place an order you will post for your order value + the EATax in order to receive the full amount. If you have any questions feel free to message our live support team. Below is the chart you need. 

If you make any special orders message us via live support.


              100,000 Post For: 112,000
              200,000 Post For: 223,000
              300,000 Post For: 334,000
              400,000 Post For: 445,000
              500,000 Post For: 556,000
              600,000 Post For: 667,000
              700,000 Post For: 778,000
              800,000 Post For: 889,000
              900,000 Post For: 1,000,000
           1,000,000 Post For: 1,112,000
           1,500,000 Post For: 1,670,000
           2,000,000 Post For: 2,223,000
           3,000,000 Post For: 3,334,000
           5,000,000 Post For: 5,556,000


If you have any questions please message our support team! 


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