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Buy Madden Training Points


Step 1:

Determine the amount of training points you are buying and the amount of cards you will need to post on the trade block. 

25,000 Training Points: 5 Players
20,000 Training Points: 
4 Players
17,500 Training Points: 
4 Players
15,000 Training Points: 
3 Players
12,500 Training Points: 3 Players
10,000 Training Points: 2 Players
7,200 Training Points: 2 Players
3,600 Training Points: 1 Player
2,500 Training Points: 1 Player
1,800 Training Points: 1 Player
1,300 Training Points: 1 Player
900 Training Points: 1 Player
640 Training Points: 1 Player
450 Training Points: 1 Player

Step 2:

Find a worthless player in your item binder. You may need more than one player depending on the amount of training that you purchased. Please enter the PLAYER NAME - OVR - TEAM - POSITION in the order form below.

Step 3:

Post the players on the TRADE BLOCK for a time of 4 DAYS and TEAM WANTED TITANS

Step 4:

Add the Training amount to your cart and checkout.

Step 5:

We will place offers on your players. Accept the trades and then quicksell each card to receive your training.

Step 6:

Please contact our support team located in the lower right hand of the site if you have any questions or need any additional help.

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